About Us



This Isn’t Airsoft… This is Combat!

We are Combat Airsoft a business staffed by airsofter’s for airsofter’s.

While running our airsoft site in the heart of the Thetford Forest in Norfolk players would always ask whether we can supply the products they want at the fair prices they want to pay. At the start our answer was “No we’re sorry we can’t” simply put we just could not compete with the already established retailers on the market and hold 100’s of items in stock. 

Being the people we are that didn’t sit right with us, why can’t we provide our players with what they want? So we reached out to the airsoft community and built relationships with independent and specialist airsoft wholesalers. 

Now through our network of wholesalers we can provide all airsofter’s with the kit you want at a competitive price delivered quickly.

If there is anything you are after and you cannot see it on our website contact us and we will do our best to source it for you.

And we won't stop there. As well as on site guntech servicing with the ability to service, repair or upgrade the majority of airsoft weapons we are also so confident in the quality of our products we back them with a no quibble 45 day returns policy.